Gregory L. Ence
820 Old Farm Road, Santa Clara. Utah 84765
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A General Contracting position where my abilities, attention to detail, and work ethic can contribute to better efficiency on the job site.


Developing/planning/organizing/managing: Can establish effective priorities; adept at organizing others; am able to bring people together in cooperative efforts; can schedule, assign, supervise, assist others in their work.

Detail/follow-through: Ability to follow detailed instructions; expert at getting things done; responsible, consistently handling tasks ahead of time.

Influencing/persuading: Able to develop rapport/trust; earned confidence in community due to honesty; expert in reasoning persuasively and developing thoughts; can arbitrate/mediate between contending parties.

Intuitive/innovative: Highly imaginative, inventive, creative, perceptive and an effective innovator; willing to experiment with new approaches; can visualize relationships with apparently unrelated factors; show good judgment; derive things from other ideas; adaptable; can visualize in third dimension; show foresight; can recognize obsolescence.

Numerical/financial/accounting: Am able to perform rapid computations in my head or on a calculator; can design budgets, plan and manage accounts; am adept at cost analysis; extremely economical; have bookkeeping/accounting skills; can correctly solve statistical problems.

Relationships: Ability to meet people easily and can interact freely with strangers; treat people with consideration, politeness, and respect; am aware of others’ needs and feelings; able to listen to others’ points of view.


Self-employed custom home General Contracting experience as Greg Ence Construction since 1982. Includes proficiency, knowledge, and strengths in the following areas; Layouts, Blueprint Reading and Analysis, Thorough and Accurate Bidding, Framing, Concrete Work, Finish Work, Job Completion and Follow-through. Priorities are Attention to Detail and Hands-On Contracting. The customer always comes first!!