Customer Testimonials

We could tell you how great a Greg Ence Construction home is, but don't take our word for it. We have a long track record of great customer satisfaction building homes in the St. George area and Southern Utah. The following are testimonials from happy customers.

Matt Marten
Principal Designer and Owner of
Gulch Design Group, Kayenta

"Building the Kayenta Community takes a dedicated partner like Greg Ence Construction. Greg Ence has been committed to building our community since 1990. We recognize the contributions that he and his company have made to the creation of the exceptional homes that are a part of the Kayenta landscape"

Melinda and Joe Stambaugh

"ON TIME, ON BUDGET, AND NO SURPRISES. That’s the truth. We contracted with Greg Ence to build our house while we were living 1,400 miles away. We made two or three visits during the construction process when Greg felt it would be helpful for key decisions making, otherwise we talked every Friday during the last half of the construction process to review budget line items, coordinate bank draws, and receive a weekly status. Greg was on the job site daily which was important to us. We didn’t want a builder who operated as a general contractor and passed us along to a site manager for status reports or budget updates. Aside from moving in on time and budget, there were virtually no call backs to deal with once we moved into our new home. What more could we have asked for?

Paul and Jill Scheffel

"Having lived in our new home for over one year now, we thought it a good time to share our overall experience with your company. Before we purchased a lot, and even before we knew we would build in Kayenta, we started talking with people about contractors and building techniques used for a desert home. We spent time visiting “Parade” homes in order to get a better idea of what might be possible in new home design and construction. Throughout this multi-year process your name came up again and again as someone we should be sure to consider before a final decision was made on a builder. Our experience with Greg Ence Construction has been very similar to the many people we met who stated that "Greg is one of the most hands-on, honest builders around”. Both of these attributes were certainly true in our case; we think that having a contractor that spends a liberal amount of time on the job site is critically important for a great final product. We were also very impressed with your business sense; keeping detailed accounts of every expenditure was always reassuring. In short, we quickly developed a real confidence in your management style…making the entire building process a real pleasure. We were also impressed with your artistic ideas and the way you coordinated with our interior design team. We asked for many special details in our house and you always came through for us! Finally, I believe the best praise we can bestow is to let you know we would do it all again!"

Dave and Lydia Bigner

"We retired from Ohio to the southwest in the Kayenta community. This presented us with a major building challenge that was both exciting and overwhelming. Greg Ence made us at ease right from the start. He patiently explained and answered our questions through the confusing bidding process. Since we were building from a distance, the regular status reports were very reassuring. Greg was always watchful to identify those special changes that always come up on a custom home. Our home was completed on time and within budget. We were very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the follow up of the subcontractors after occupancy. We found Greg to be honest and a person who honors the wishes of both the husband and the wife through the building process. Working with Greg was a positive experience. He exceeded our expectations and we consider him a friend."

Michael Rennick
Interior Designer/President
Casafina, Inc.

"This letter is to express our appreciation for a very professional contractor. We are interior designers who have worked with a large number of contractors in Utah, California, and Nevada. Greg Ence is definitely on our top ten list of preferred contractors. We have enjoyed working with him. He is a very “comfortable fit” with client and designer. He has always been willing to suggest an easier, better, less costly, or more innovative way to accomplish a task. We look forward to other projects in the future."

Tom and Bobbie Pillar

"Greg Ence is just what you want in a general contractor: knowledge, honesty and skills. Not only did he build us a beautiful house but he is still available if we need consultation about some thing. That kind of commitment justifies our confidence in Greg."

DeAnne D. Hanson

"Greg Ence built a home in Kayenta for my husband Stewart and I in late 2005 finishing in April of 2006. As first time home builders we were not without some trepidation. But Greg turned out to be the right choice for us among the five contractors we interviewed. He proved to be hardworking, skilled, and easy to work with, not to mention his being creative enough to change and improve our plans and designs for a better product. But most importantly he is honest and a man of integrity, and he cared about the finished product. This is not to say you won’t experience some problems to be solved in the building process. But Greg was always willing to work with us and bring solutions to the table. It is coming up to 5 years this spring since we finished construction and Greg still takes my calls with any post-construction frustrations or concerns that I might have. Our building experience was a good one and I can sincerely recommend him (without trepidation) to you as one of the best builders in Kayenta!"